We are extremely excited to launch Belle Australia! We’ve worked hard to source the best, most stylish eyewear and curate a collection that is both beautiful and reasonably priced. We are excited about the journey that lies ahead and we hope you are too.

Before you read this post, take a moment to explore our range and see the amazing styles we have to offer.


What is Belle Australia?

We’re simply a brand that is passionate about stylish, fashionable eyewear that won’t leave you with a serious case shopper’s guilt! We have created a hub of stylish, on-trend products that make a bold statement. We are passionate about eyewear and we are passionate about style.


Why Eyewear?

Because fashion begins with your eyes. It’s as simple as that. Eyewear makes a statement; it creates a sense of style and personality that no other accessory can. The perfect pair of sunglasses will be with you every day and that is what we deliver.

Now that you know a bit about us, we’d like to spotlight our stunning collection. We have a variety of frames and lenses, in a variety of colours. We have the timeless classic shapes seen in the Drew, Brittany and Anne ranges – but we also love our modern, chic looks like the Elsa and Alexis ranges.

These are the perfect accessories to any look, with similar styles worn by celebrities and other fashion icons. As fashion evolves, so do we; our broad range of products will be continue to be updated as style continues to change overtime.

So, go on and explore and see if anything catches your eye. We are passionate about delivering stylish sunglasses. Make sure you sign up to our newsletter for the latest products, sales and blogs. We’ll cover the latest trends, style tips and other fashion stories.


Belle Australia

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